Senator Elizabeth Warren Interview with Cenk Uygur on The Young Turks

Cenk Uygur interviewed Senator Elizabeth Warren and TYT Network released the video earlier today. Its about 30 mins and goes through a variety of topics including financial corruption, machinations of the donor class (that were brought to the public’s attention in a big way by Bernie Sanders during his 2016 presidential campaign), the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (an agency which was originally proposed by Warren in 2007), her initial support for Ben Carson as Trump’s pick to helm the Department of Housing and Urban Development, working with other Democrats, her decision not to endorse Bernie Sanders during his 2016 presidential run, and opinion about how the US should proceed with Syria.

I found myself disappointed with the interview. Warren surprised me by dodging some important questions. Chief of these was why she didn’t support Bernie during 2016. The prevailing theory that I’ve come across is that she thought that Clinton would secure the nomination due to the influence of super-delegates, and did not want to earn the enmity of the Clintons due to the immense sway they have over the Democratic party. She also failed to say if she’d support him if he were to run again in 2020.

Warren also surprised me by speaking favorably of Joe Manchin, a hostile Democratic senator from West Virginia who has repeatedly attacked constituents at town halls, sided with Republicans on many issues including removing funding for Planned Parenthood, opposing clean energy and regulation of greenhouse gases, opposing regulations that would require coal companies to ensure that their actions did not contaminate drinking water (his family is involved in the coal industry) and more. Manchin famously attacked town hall attendees and challenged them to primary him in the upcoming 2018 elections if they were unhappy with his work.

Regarding Syria, she did advocate for a political, not military, solution – something that I think makes sense. She called Assad a monster, which he is, and spoke about his using chemical weapons against his own citizenry – something which he has done in the past, but which we have no conclusive proof that he did during 2017.