Democratic Establishment v Tulsi Gabbard

The Democratic Establishment is lost. They have no message. They no longer serve the working class. Instead they represent the interests of their donors – large corporations. They’ve made moves to silence the voice of progressives, coming out against Bernie Sanders throughout his campaign and blaming him for their candidate’s loss, and in recent months, have turned their sites on Tulsi Gabbard, the senator from Hawaii.

Most recently, Tulsi has questioned Trump’s bombing of Syria without proof that Assad actually attacked his own people with chemical weapons. There are assumptions that Assad is responsible, but no proof, and progressive news channels have reported that it is questionable and unverified that Assad did, indeed, mastermind the attacks due to their timing – they might have been staged to help destabilize his control and justify attacks against him. Why? For oil, of course. The US and Russia are competing for oil in Syria. Right now, Russia has control, and one possible way to negate that is through regime change.

Back to Tulsi – Democratic higher-ups, especially Howard Dean and Neera Tanden, are attacking her, saying she’s unfit to be in Congress and calling for the people of Hawaii to vote her out. This is the Establishment attacking someone who is making decisions based on rationality, evidence, experience and her own sense of morality, instead of joining with the herd and war-mongering while serving corporate interests.

The Democratic Party is a lie meant to pacify the left. Its purpose is to keep us in line with false hope while it quietly caves to the right. We need progressive representatives in the party, or we need a new party.