Republicans Are Hiding From Constituents Due to Overwhelming Public Pressure

I love this. The Humanist Report shared a video that shows how public outcry at town halls and from phone calls is affecting politicians who are trying to erode our rights, take away health coverage, sell public lands and damage the environment. This political climate and all of the utter travesty that has come with it has mobilized people to action, and its having an effect. Corrupt politicians are actively hiding from and avoiding citizens who are calling them out on their destructive plans and practices. They’re also being forced to change their votes and their policies to match what the public demands.

Here’s more info from the YouTube page:

Republicans have acted quickly to destroy the environment and have made it evident that they’re planning to repeal the Affordable Care Act. As a result, Republicans across the country have faced overwhelming public pressure, to the extent that it’s beginning to “take its toll” on them. Some Republicans are so afraid of their constituents that they’re literally hiding from them, and going out of their way to avoid contact with them. Even though they’re proving to be spineless and pathetic, this demonstrates the tremendous power that American citizens wield. 

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